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With more than 30 years of combined experience, Global Produce Trade provides a variety of produce products to importers in North America, Europe and Asia. We are currently expanding our growers product lines and import countries. Rely on our experience and our grower cooperative relationships to assist in sourcing and supplying the products your company needs to maintain and expand its current import business.


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About Us

GPT is a US based company specializing in a cooperative representation of small to medium growers throughout Latin America. We are a cooperative that expands borders and offers growers the opportunity to promote their crops anywhere in the world. GPT has become a bridge for many farmers to become exporters to Europe, Middle East and Asia. All of our growers join the cooperative for its ability to reach areas that would otherwise not be obtainable due to their remoteness, logistic or language barriers. As a cooperative GPT promotes a fair practice trade which continues to give the best purchase value and quality of produce to our customers while ensuring our growers receive a genuine fair price return.





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North America, Europe, Middle East and Asia



Why Buy Organic Fruit & Veg?

With our 100% Organic Fruit & Veg Boxes, you’re in for a weekly treat of hand-selected organic fruit & veg that has its own moral conscious. The organic fruit & veg industry is a growing industry for a reason. It offers a real alternative for those people that have concerns for the environment and elect to consume the safest and healthiest fruit and veg for themselves and their family. You’re guaranteed that when you choose organic fruit & veg.

What is Organic?

When we’re talking organic, we’re talking fresh fruit and vegetables that are grown with zero exposure to chemical fertilizers, synthetic herbicides or pesticides, which let’s face it, aren’t that great for the eco-system in which they’re grown. Organic fruit & veg are created just as nature intended, and have not been given any artificial helping hand with the use of growth hormones. Growing organic fruit & veg supports a sustainable world, taking care to use renewable resources and conserving energy, soil and water. It imitates the kind of all-natural faming methods that your great grandpa used to ply when growing his own fresh fruit and vegetables in his backyard plot.


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